Nhân Viên

[team_member img=”748″ style=”vertical” name=”CÔ ĐẶNG THỊ ĐÔNG (TIFFANY)” title=”NHÀ SÁNG LẬP CỦA STAR LANGUAGE” image_height=”200%” image_width=”20″ image_radius=”30″]

Tiffany first founded Star Language English Centre in 2017, as an active and positive member of her community, she has always put the needs of others before hers. That was a key factor when she opened the centre, as she wanted to help the local Da Nang community to develop a skill that will help them in life by opening the door to a world of opportunities. Having a Law, Business background and experience working with Vietnamese broadcasters like VTV, she brings a high level of trust and professionalism. 

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As someone who’s had a long association with the education sector, as a British University Business Studies graduate, Educational Training Facilitator (in the UK) and currently as an experienced (TEFL) registered English teacher here in Vietnam for a number of years, John still loves teaching, especially to the Vietnamese people, as he has stated many times how very kind, friendly and opportunistic they are, so it gives him great satisfaction helping develop an important skill, such as English, to help and support the local Da Nang community to achieve their goals for the future.

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As a graduate of Huddersfield University in England, Jason has built up a number of core qualities that has made him one of the most experienced teachers in Da Nang. His creativity, knowledge and delivery is testament to his 2 years teaching experience in Thailand and 4 more years experience here in Vietnam. Not only that, Jason is one of a select group who have had their TEFL English teaching training in-class, which has given him a solid foundation to being a key asset for Star Language English Centre.