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First Friends 1 & 2

Level: Pre-kindergarten / trình độ: Mẫu giáo
Age / tuổi: 4-5
Lessons / bài học: 70
Weeks / tuần: 35
Two lessons per week / Hai buổi học mỗi tuần

A fun two-level course for very young learners that develops vocabulary practices phonics and teaches family values.

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Plus it now has an expanded vocabulary syllabus, values lessons in every unit, practical cross-curricular lessons that link in with other subjects and engaging activities to improve critical thinking skills.

  • Extended core vocabulary syllabus so pupils can achieve more.
  • Systematic phonics syllabus presented through catchy songs.
  • Enhanced values strand to help children learn social skills.
  • Practical cross-curricular lessons that link with other subjects.
  • Engaging activities to improve critical thinking skills.
  • Clearer design with more photos to make a stronger connection to the real world.

Prices / học phí

1 month: 799.999
3 months: 2.300.000
6 months: 4.000.000
8 months: 5.200.000