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English ‘Everyday use’ Conversation Course

This course is for students 12 and above, who already have a basic understanding of English. It is designed to improve upon those basic skills by developing their conversational English in everyday situations and their related topics.

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This is a six weeks course with two, one hour lessons, per week. The course also use’s an English conversation App to help the students with their homework learning. 

The course follows these topics:

  • Basic Conversational Expressions
  • Conversational Strategies
  • Socialising
  • Telephoning
  • Shopping
  • Eating Out
  • At a Hotel

Price / học phí

3.500.000 per student 


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Grammar Friends 4

Carefully graded primary grammar practice course that makes grammar easy to understand and remember.

  • Part of: Grammar Friends
  • Level: Level 4 
  • Language Level: Beginner to Elementary (A1-A2)
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The step-by-step grammar presentations in Grammar Friends introduce form, use and meaning in a way that even young beginner learners can understand and remember. The series was written to support the syllabus of Family and Friends but is an ideal supplement to any elementary general English course. There are lots of controlled activities to help children improve their written grammar and the fun interactive activities on the Grammar Friends Student Website to really encourage them to learn by themselves.

  • Clear presentations in familiar contexts make the grammar easy to understand and remember.
  • Graded written activities help children improve grammatical accuracy.
  • Regular revision units give opportunities for extra practice and consolidation.
  • Covers the grammar for Cambridge ESOL Young Learners Exams.
  • Flexible enough to be used alongside any primary course.

Price / học phí

Please contact the centre for availability.